Facial recognition technology plays a crucial role in security and surveillance applications, but accurate landmark annotations are essential for its reliable performance. In this case study, we highlight how AI Labeler worked with a security and surveillance technology company to improve its facial recognition algorithm by providing high-quality landmark annotations. 

Our custom annotation process and expert data annotators resulted in enhanced accuracy, reduced false positives, and increased customer satisfaction, showcasing the value of precise landmark annotations in improving facial recognition for security and surveillance purposes.


Our client, a security and surveillance technology company, needed to improve the accuracy and performance of their facial recognition algorithm for identifying landmarks in real-time. The existing dataset they had for facial landmark annotation was limited and not sufficient to train their algorithm effectively. They required a reliable partner to provide high-quality landmark annotations to enhance the performance of their facial recognition system.


  • Customized landmark annotation process: Our experienced data annotators developed a customized landmark annotation process that catered to the unique requirements of the facial recognition system.
  • Expertise in facial landmarks: Our team had in-depth knowledge of facial landmark annotation tool, as well as facial anatomy and landmarks, ensuring precise and accurate annotations for improved performance.
  • Quality control measures: We implemented stringent quality control measures, including inter-annotator agreement (IAA) and regular reviews, to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the landmark annotations.


  • Improved facial recognition accuracy: The facial recognition system achieved higher accuracy and reliability with our custom landmark annotations, reducing false positives and false negatives.
  • Enhanced system performance: The improved landmark annotations led to enhanced system performance in security and surveillance applications, providing more reliable and precise facial recognition results.
  • Increased system reliability: The system’s reliability and performance were enhanced, leading to improved security and surveillance outcomes and reduced risks of false identifications.

AI Labelers’ expertise in landmark annotation can significantly improve facial recognition for security and surveillance applications. Our customized annotation process, expertise in facial landmarks, and quality control measures ensure accurate and reliable annotations, leading to improved system performance and reliability.  

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