What Is Our AI Object Recognition Service Like?

We are one of the most reliable and specialized providers of remote Artificial Intelligence (AI) data labeler and data annotator professionals based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our professional-level hiring services find highly skilled and experienced AI data annotation specialist staff to meet the custom needs of your business. We offer highly cost-efficient and skill-oriented HR recruitment services to enterprises across the globe.

Our professional-level hiring service for AI object recognition staff offers your business with speed and accuracy, cost reduction, team productivity, process efficiency, improved profit margins, competitive-edge, brand value, and more.

Types of Data Labeling AI Services We Deal with

Our company is focused at hiring the staff for natural language annotation for machine learning for the artificial intelligence applications. Hiring data tagging specialists is one of the most important areas in which our specialized services can provide our clients with AI image recognition, document annotation, video annotation, AI text recognition, and audio tagging specialists. The major domains of AI data services in which we can hire specialists include the following:

Image Annotation

Image or photo annotation is an important process used for tagging ML images to create machine learning training data sets. The image annotation helps the machines to learn about the features and characteristics of an image through the attributes given by the data annotator manually or through specialized tagging tools. A wide range of techniques such as 2D and 3D bounding box, dot/point annotation, polygon annotation, and others are used for labeling photos to create workable training sets for all AI classes and machine learning categories.

We can help our clients operating in the image labeling domain in hiring highly skilled and experienced specialists that can provide high-class services in image annotation and semantic image segmentation processes.

Text Processing

Text processing is another domain in which we are experts to help our clients hire the best quality professionals for processing and annotating text data effectively. The text processing is done for creating training data for machine learning text recognition used for data analytics applications. It is also referred to as the text mining process. In this process, AI NLP is used to convert the unstructured text into structured text so that the algorithms used in applications can easily understand the structure of the text.

We specialize in the text processing domain for hiring the most skilled and reliable text annotators and labelers that can increase the efficiency and performance of businesses of our valued clients. 

Video Annotation

Video annotation is a process that is extensively used in computer vision (CV) applications in artificial intelligence. The video annotation is done to build training datasets out of short video clips to train the computer machines to distinguish between different types of objects both moving and static ones in a video. A video labeler uses different tools for video annotation and labels the items in the video through different techniques such as polygons, 2D/3D bounding boxes, and others. Video is a more complex data structure and needs a higher level of accuracy and precision in marking to create a machine learning model training dataset.

Our experts are highly experienced and skilled in sourcing and hiring the most skilled professionals to work on video annotation projects of our clients. They provide a higher level of accuracy, precision, speed, and expertise in the entire workflow.

Audio Annotation

The process of labeling the audio speeches or bites for building deep learning datasets for AI natural language processing (NLP), chatbots, virtual assistant, and other similar kinds of applications is known as audio annotation. A trained audio labeler uses numerous specialized tools to label different parameters of the audio such as volume, emotion, pitch, background noise, and other characteristics. There are numerous types of audio annotation services such as sound labeling, speech to text transcription, event tracking, audio classification, and others.

Our company specializes in hiring the professionals for providing high-quality audio annotation support to our valued clients. They can handle annotation processes for all types of audio labeling with a high level of accuracy, agility, and precision.

3D Point Cloud Annotation

3D Point Cloud Annotation is a type of video annotation that offers greater details of the objects in the video, proper segmentation for detecting the movement of the objects, classification of the objects, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) annotation for determining the accurate distance of the object, and others. 3D point cloud annotation is very important in achieving training accuracy machine learning for very critical artificial intelligence applications such as autonomous vehicles, telemetry services, radar and satellite control systems, and others.

Our company provides specialized help to our valued clients in recruiting highly skilled and qualified professionals to work on 3D point cloud annotation services. The specialists we hire can handle all processes of video annotation, segmentation, classification, and other processes that are carried out under 3D point cloud annotation category apart from high level of accuracy, precision, and professional-grade services.

Miscellaneous Data Services

The main focus of our company is providing human resources recruiting services in the field of data labeling for big data artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. We cover numerous parts of data annotation and processing services that fall under this broader category of data labeling. A few very important data services other than the above-mentioned types include data anonymization services, semantic annotation services, lines and spline services, 3D cuboid labeling, polygon annotation, key-point or landmarking services, entity annotation, and others.

We hire very task-specific professionals for our clients so that they can justify 100% with job requirements to provide a great value for the money our clients spend on getting machine learning dataset labelers through us.

Services Offered by Annotation Artificial Intelligence Labelers We Hire

We take special care about your business requirements to fulfil by recruiting the most matching, qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals that can provide you with cost-efficiency, faster turnaround time, greater level of accuracy and precision in work, and other value-added machine learning features and labels in data annotation services. The most important types of data annotation services offered by the staff we hire for our clients are mentioned below:

Semantic Segmentation

Semantic segmentation plays a very vital role in building modern artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. In this process, all pixels in a frame of video or image are labeled in accordance with predefined artificial intelligence AI classes such as car, road, tree, pedestrian, traffic signals and others. All pixels that are associated with a car are labeled as car and all pixels of road are marked as road in semantic segmentation. This provides better accuracy and visibility to computer vision applications in the modern AI field.

The professionals that we hire for data annotation services can provide full-fledged semantic segmentation services for building highly accurate and reliable machine learning label training datasets.

Data Tagging

Tagging is one of the most important categories of data annotation services. In this service, the objects in an image or video are tagged for their generalized identity. For instance, the crates of bottles of multiple items such as water, milk, soft drinks, juices, and others are labelled with their names of content. This process is very useful in developing automated applications in eCommerce, retail, marketing, and others.

The specialists we hire are capable enough to professionally tag a wide range of items with high level of precision and accuracy for our clients.

2D/3D Bounding Boxing

2D/3D bounding boxing is a process to outline a static or moving image with the help of either a two-dimension box or a three-dimensional box around that object. The 3D box outlines the object in terms of three dimensions for better accuracy and better quality of computer vision as compared to 2D bounding boxing process.

The experts we hire for data annotation tasks can offer high-quality and faster services of object-outlining with the help of 2D and 3D bounding box techniques.

Polygon Annotation

Polygon annotation is a process of masking the objects of irregular or asymmetrical shapes to outline their shapes more accurately as compared to other bounding box techniques. It is also a type of bounding box annotation technique. It is extensively used in auto-cars, agriculture, real-estate, healthcare, information technology, and other similar kinds of industries.

The professionals we recruit can offer specialized polygon annotation services to build robust learning datasets for AI applications.

Landmark Annotation

Landmark annotation is used for highlighting the most important points to describe the size, feature, texture, and other attributes of a contour, object, or surface is known as landmarking. This is done through marking a sequence of points and generating coordinated sketches out of those sequenced points. The main examples of landmark annotation applications include in facial recognition, healthcare, and other sectors.

The remote professionals we recruit for our clients are highly efficient in providing comprehensive landmark annotation services for artificial intelligence applications.

Miscellaneous Services

The data annotation experts we recruit for our clients can also provide many other services in the data labeling services other than the above-mentioned major services as listed below:

  • Polyline annotation services
  • Cuboid annotation services
  • Data localization services
  • And many others

How Does Our Hiring Service of Entity Annotation Staff Work for Our Clients?

Our specialized recruiting service for building remote teams follows the standard procedures recognized in the professional world as described in the following steps:

  • Requirement analysis. Our team analyzes the requirements of our clients professionally for finding a matching expert.
  • Sourcing. We use multiple channels such as local databases, job portals, social media, referral partners, and others to source the most suitable candidates.
  • Shortlisting. The shortlisting of the candidates’ resumes is done through numerous automated and manual processes.
  • Interviewing. Our recruiting experts carry a series of interviews in coordination with the client to scrutinize the skills, experience, and expertise of the candidate.
  • Offering. After approval from our clients, we send offer letter and collect the same after getting signed from candidates.
  • Contracting. Our team finalizes terms and conditions in coordination with our clients and signs contracts with the hired candidates.
  • Onboarding. Finally, orientation and introduction with the existing team, workflows, and processes is done for onboarding the candidates.

Why Should Labeling AI Companies Choose Us for Data Annotation Staff Hiring?

We provide highly focused outstaffing services in the field of data labeling and annotation services that offer numerous great reasons to our prospects to choose us:

  • Fully managed service. We offer fully managed service powered by the team of experts and management professionals. Our clients can focus on the core business processes and idea with full confidence.
  • Cost-efficiency. Our company offers highly competitive rates with a great level of transparency and predictability and without any hidden charges at all.
  • Access to a huge talent pool. We are located in Ukraine; so, we have access to a huge pool of highly skilled and experienced pool talent to bridge technological and skill gaps in the teams of our clients.
  • Quality. Our services are highly reliable and requirement-oriented to provide a better value to our clients for their investment. We follow the latest industry standards and best practices in our entire recruiting process.
  • Flexibility & scalability. We offer a high level of flexibility and scalability options in our services. Our client can modify the requirements, team structure, team size, and other parameters of the team, we support them accordingly.
  • Ideal location. We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is ideal for enterprise from all major countries in Europe, North America, Middle-East, Asia-Pacific, and other regions across the globe.

Major Industries We Serve for Hiring AI Training Data Annotators/Labelers

We are a specialist company focused on recruiting data annotation and data labeling professionals for our clients from across the globe. We serve all types of companies such as startups, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and corporations simultaneously in a wide range of industries and sectors; a few of them are mentioned below:

Healthcare Services

Healthcare and medical services are using artificial intelligence extensively in examining reports, tests, conducting surgeries, and many other processes and applications. Data annotation of reports and images such as MRI, PET scan, CT scan, X-Rays, mammogram, ultrasound, and others are major examples of data labeling in healthcare. We provide highly qualified and expert data labelers for healthcare applications.

Retail and eCommerce

Computer vision (CV) based applications are largely used in eCommerce and retail sales applications. The main capabilities of AI applications that use data annotation in eCommerce and retail industry include production detection, product tagging, product trying, recommended product guideline, motion detection, facial recognition, and others. Our company provides high-quality data labeling specialists in the eCommerce and retail industry.

Banking and Financial Services

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in banking and financial services include deep analysis of customer behavior, market trends, emerging risks, future needs, and others. The launching of a product, marketing of services, efficient reimbursement and payoffs, and other domains extensively use the data labeling services. Our services are specialized in recruiting the most matching team for data annotation services to cater to the above-mentioned data labeling needs.

Logistics and Transportation

Our company also focuses on hiring highly skilled professionals for data annotation and labeling services in the logistics and transportation services. The logistics uses numerous automated processes for packaging, delivery, shipment, loading, unloading, inspection, tracking of the position of the goods, and management of inventory. Those processes need proper deep learning (DL) datasets, which can be created by the professional labelers we hire for our clients.

Entertainment and Gaming

Entertainment and gaming industry is one of the top domains that use artificial intelligence the most. For building interactive gaming applications the use of environment, background, sound, and many other effects is done at a very high level. We recruit highly qualified and expert data annotation staff to provide professional-grade support in the entertainment and gaming industry.

Automotive Industry

Automotive industry is going through a transformational phase. The bright future of driverless automobiles is very obvious. The automated automotive industry uses artificial intelligence for numerous processes and applications. We can recruit the most matching specialists for data labeling services in the automotive industry for our clients across the globe.

Information and Communication Technology

A few disruptive domains in information technology (IT) such as Internet of things (IoT), Virtual Augmentation (VA), Virtual Reality (VR), Computer-Vision (CV), and wearables are highly dependent on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Our team specializes in hiring the very skilled data annotators to provide support for all those domains of information technology.

Miscellaneous Industries

  • Our professional-grade recruiting services are also able to provide high-quality support in numerous other industries for building teams of remote data annotators and labelers. A few of them include: civil aviation, real-estate, process automation, manufacturing industry, agriculture, government, defense industry, and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why should I choose remote data annotators as compared to in-house AI labelers?

Choosing remote data annotators as compared to building an in-house annotator team offers numerous benefits as mentioned below:

  • Cost saving. The cost to build a remote team is just a fraction of building an in-house team. The operation of the team is even cheaper because no real-estate, air-conditioning, heating, lighting, and other resources are needed.
  • Efficiency. Remote teams are considered more efficient and fast as compared to on-premises teams.
  • Flexibility. Remote team is not governed by the stringent local legal obligations, social security, and many other formalities and responsibilities
  • Scalability. Offers the feature of faster scalability to match your changed requirements.
  • Access to the right skill. Remote team building of data annotators frees the clients from the geographical boundaries to choose the right skill and expertise from larger pools of talents.

Q2: What is so special about Ukrainian data labelers?

The Ukrainian data labelers are very well known for their desirable professional, technical, and personal attributes and characteristics. A few of them include:

  • Highly tech-savvy population
  • Highly affordable with greater price/quality ratio
  • Fast learners and innovative thinkers
  • Larger pool of talent to choose from
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ideal location for physical traveling
  • Overlapped working hours with many countries
  • Robust and reliable IT infrastructure
  • Shared culture and languages

Q3: How do you hire AI labelers?

We hire AI labelers for our clients by following the following standard steps of recruiting:

  • Requirement assessment
  • Sourcing human resources
  • Shortlisting of sourced candidates
  • Interviewing of the candidates (multiple)
  • Finalizing and offering job
  • Contract signing process
  • Onboarding

Q4: How quickly can you assemble a dedicated data labeling team?

Normally, we assemble a dedicated data labeling team for you within the period of 4 to 6 weeks after the approval of our client. Finding the right persons can happen much earlier than the stipulated hiring time. 

Q5: How does the data annotation team management process run?

After hiring the remote data annotation team in Ukraine, we handover the management of the team to our client who has full control over the team to manage remotely. The remote team uses numerous types of coordination, collaboration, and communication platforms available for the management of remote teams. Those platforms can be used for conducting meetings, assigning tasks, tracking work-hours, sharing knowledge and project updates, and much more.  

Q6: Where will my dedicated team of AI labelers be located?

Majority of the professionals of your dedicated team of AI labelers will be located in Kyiv, Ukraine. However, some remote annotators may be working from other cities of Ukraine too. 

If you are looking for a highly specialized company to build a remote AI data annotation team, get in touch with us and learn how to hire an AI labeler team now!

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